Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Receive documentation when I purchase a painting?

Yes all paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity, this contains some information about the painting (Provenance) and confirms the item is original and genuine. You will so receive some information about the company.

I have an old Papunya Tula painting, but I have lost the documentation, can you replace it?

If you have an artwork that has been sourced through Papunya Tula
Artists Pty Ltd and you can provide the catalogue number on the rear of
the painting, we can re-issue documentation.

Papunya Tula Artists Catalogue numbers will have the initials of the
artist followed by 2 to 6 to 9 numbers, for example WN0702187.

Please note this service will incur a fee of $55.00 (AU inc. GST).

Can you tell me how much my painting is worth?

Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd is not a licensed valuer. We do not provide valuations or estimates.

If you are interested in what your paintings or collection might be
worth, or you need to know for insurance purposes, it is best to contact
a licensed valuer. We recommend reputable licensed valuers such as
Bonhams or Sotheby’s.

Can I visit the artists in their community?

Papunya Tula Artists and the Walungurru (Kintore) Council receive an overwhelming number of requests from individuals wishing to visit the Papunya Tula art studios in Kintore and Kiwirrkura.

We understand most people’s genuine desire to visit these communities and observe the artists at work. However the artists and shareholders have requested that visits be restricted due to the tendency of these visits to be disruptive and rather intrusive.

All enquiries about visiting the Kintore and Kiwirrkura studios should be made directly to Papunya Tula Artists prior to travelling. See our contacts page for details.

What is the medium?

The paintings are acrylic polymer paint on Belgian Linen. The Etchings are copper plate etchings on non-acetone paper.

Why don't you provide photographs of the artists working?

It has been requested by the artists and shareholders that photographs are not taken of them during the paintings of works and even after the process.  Artist find it invasive and distracting.

What currency are prices quoted in?

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars ($AU) and are inclusive of 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Do you sell the paintings stretched and framed?

No, when you purchase a painting, it will be rolled up around a cardboard tube. then covered in another protective layer.

Can you freight works interstate and overseas?

Artwork purchased online or directly from the gallery can be shipped nationally and internationally. Via Australia post or TNT.

Domestic parcels are a flat rate of $56, international parcels are $110 These figures will vary depending on the number of works purchased and total weight of the package.

All works are properly packaged and fully insured door to door. Please note to ensure safety of the paintings we freight all works off the frame. The artwork is rolled around a hard cardboard core, bubble wrapped and a finally thick plastic is wrapped around it. All etchings are packaged flat in foam core, enclosed with corrugated card-board, bubble wrapped and then enclosed in a thick plastic wrap. To ensure prompt door-to-door delivery we ask you to tell us your best day time delivery address, telephone number and email address to be noted on the package and freight consignment note. If you are not receiving the package in person please tell us who will be receiving the art work. TNT Couriers do not deliver to Post Office box’s.

We will advise you via email of the Consignment Note number and exactly when the package has been dispatched from our gallery in Alice Springs.

TNT Courier National delivery takes five to seven business days.

TNT Courier International delivery takes seven to fourteen business days.

Delivery periods quoted above vary according to the carrier but we can track items being sent for you.

Who owns Papunya Tula artists?

Papunya Tula Artists is a Propriety Limited Company entirely owned and directed by traditional Aboriginal people from the Western Desert of Australia predominantly of the Luritja / Pintupi language groups.

Papunya Tula Artists has 49 shareholders and now represents approximately 160 artists.

The success of Papunya Tula Artists empowers the company to support initiatives promoting health, education, recreation and ceremonial events benefitting thousands of Western Desert people.

Our board members change every year and rotate between shareholders and established artists.