George Tjungurrayi, 'Pulse', Utopia Art Sydney (4 - 25 May, 2024)

George Tjungurrayi, 'Pulse', Utopia Art Sydney (4 - 25 May, 2024)

George Tjungurrayi Pulse
Utopia Art Sydney
4 - 25 May, 2024
George Tjungurrayi’s evocative use of colour and line mean that his paintings often appear, to Western eyes, as abstract colour fields. They also reveal multiple layers of cultural meaning. The concise pattern of lines, redolent of the ripples carved into the sands of the desert by the wind, also depict motifs associated with stories of the journeys of the Tingari. These mythical, ancestral beings travelled across the land creating sites.

Pulse is a focussed survey of master works by this leading Australian artist. George Tjungurrayi is now one of the most senior artists from the legendary Papunya Tula Artists, with an international reputation earned from nearly five decades of painting.

This exhibition has been curated in association with the Papunya Tula Artists and presents key aspects of Tjungurrayi's work.

We are extremely proud to have represented the Papunya Tula Artists since 1988 and to have presented Tjungurrayi's first solo exhibition in 1997.


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