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WALUNGURRU 30 YEAR CELEBRATION – Kintore Community, Northern Territory

Friends and supporters are warmly welcomed to a weekend festival celebrating 30 years since Pintupi people walked back from Papunya to their homelands around the Western Australia / Northern Territory border and established Kintore community.

Hosted by the Walungurru Community Council Aboriginal Corporation the WALUNGURRU 30 YEAR CELEBRATION program will include many opportunities for old friends to catch up and honour the past, to hear from families and elders, and to participate in cultural, sporting and recreational activities.

Commemoration of the Pintupi people’s return to the Western Desert will begin with a walk, organised by Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi, into the community on the Friday afternoon. This will be followed by an opening concert and subsequent performances throughout the weekend. The festival will be held in and around the Kintore community and will feature performances by Neil Murray (founding member of Warumpi Band and former Outstation Coordinator) who was with the Pintupi on their walk to Kintore.

A documentary film ‘The Kintore Story’ produced by Red Dust Role Models tells family’s stories of returning to Pintupi country and creating Kintore will be launched during evening entertainment. The documentary project, driven by local custodians and elders, gives voice to family’s stories that were were collected over a three year period. ‘The Kintore Story’ will be accompanied by archival and other footage highlighting Walungurru’s rich history and culture and the community’s achievements, often throughout difficult times.

The weekend will also feature music workshops and performances by Shellie Morris and supported by the Fred Hollows Foundation. Also on the bill are local anangu bands including Kintore band Running Water, youth and children’s performance of ‘The Kintore Story’, gospel choirs, traditional inma dancing, hunting and bush medicine activities.

There will also be opportunities for resource agencies and supporters to display or demonstrate their work with Kintore and other remote communities.

The celebration runs from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 October 2011. Please phone festival organisers Burdon Torzillo on (08) 8953 3340 for more information.