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19 April – 10 May, 2008

Papunya Tula Artists in conjuction with Utopia Art Sydney is proud to present the third solo exhibition of artist and shareholder Tjunkiya Napaltjarri.

I’m thinking about Umari, Tjukurrpa (the dreaming), when I’m painting, it’s my mother’s country. My mother and father, I’ve lost them, poor things. As I paint they are always in my mind. I am remembering them and olden times when we were at Umari.

When I paint I feel happy, I don’t feel sick, I don’t feel any pain. I feel strong and healthy, like I am a young girl again.

Before, I dotted my canvas like the other painting ladies. Now I put the paint on my own way. Like this [gesturing], with two sticks, I push and scratch the colour on.

I used to paint one way. Black one for Tjukurrpa (dreaming), white one, yellow one. But I’m getting old now. I wanted to mix it up. I was watching the other women I sit with – Kawayi Nampitjinpa, Mary Anne Nampitjinpa and my sister Wintjiya Napaltjarri. They use all those different colours – purple, pink, red, blue, orange. I use those colours now. All different colours, mixing it up. I’m old now and want to paint a new way.

For further information or a complimentary catalogue contact Utopia Art Sydney. www.utopiaartsydney.com.au