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The Mysteries that Remain: Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri

May 26 – August 27, 2017

The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia

One of Australia’s most acclaimed Indigenous artists, Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri was a founder of the Western Desert art movement. “The Mysteries that Remain” is the first museum survey of Namarari’s work, featuring paintings on canvas and board from 1971-1990. It reveals the depth and complexity of Namarari’s artistic experiments as he restlessly strove to present the ancestral narratives of his desert homelands in new and innovative ways. This exhibition sheds new light on this enigmatic and important artist as he moved from detailed figurative works through to grand abstractions, and also includes a catalog featuring a new essay by Namarari’s biographer Alec O’Halloran.  A quiet, reserved man, happy to be in the background, this exhibition places Namarari in his rightful place as contemporary master.