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PTA GO ON SHOW IN BERLIN – September to October 2012

Papunya Tula Artists are proud to be included in the exhibition, Murr-ma, opening in Berlin with Michael Reid Gallery. The show, featuring both Indigenous and Non Indigenous artists, will include Kintore painters Nyilyari Tjapangati, George Tjungurrayi, Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Ningura Napurrula, Kawayi Namptjinpa along with Kiwirrkura artist Ray James Tjangala.

In Berlin throughout September & October the Sydney art gallery Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay will be holding Murr-ma, a significant exhibition of work by some of todays most important established and emerging Aboriginal and Australian artists.

The theme of Murr-ma, gently feeling the way with ones feet to search for shellfish at low tide in streams and mud flats, reflects the exhibition’s visual discussion of the concerns of Australian contemporary art.

Through a variety of techniques – from traditional oil painting to sculpture and photography – the artists offer interpretations of clan and individual identity, and different depictions of the Land as topography, a symbol of national character and part of the cosmology of a people.

In addition to the exhibition, the gallery will also be attending mid September the art fair, Preview Berlin. It is expected that Preview Berlin will act as a visitor funnel, channelling attendees from the art fair to the larger main Australian contemporary art exhibition.