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Patrick Tjungurrayi, wins the Western Australian Indigenous Art Award

Papunya Tula Artists would like to congratulate artist and shareholder Patrick Tjungurrayi, winner of the Western Australian Indigenous Art Award.

Patrick is a senior member of the Kiwirrkura community in Western Australia, whose knowledge of lore and country is respected throughout the Western Desert region. This award is testament to Patrick’s ongoing commitment both as a leader and visual innovator, whose style continues to inspire a legion of exciting male painters in Kiwirrkura and beyond.

The inaugural Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards exhibition showcases outstanding works by sixteen Indigenous artists from across the nation. Each of the artists brings a unique vision to the Awards and, placed together, their work reveals the dominant and emerging mediums, subjects and experiences shaping contemporary Indigenous art today.

In selecting the major award winner, the panel placed great emphasis on the complete body of works by each artist. Patrick Tjungurrayi presented a highly resolved group of ambitious paintings that build upon the traditions of the classical Papunya art style. As a group, his paintings present an incomparable harmony, lyricism and completeness. The rhythms, colour and variety between his works is masterfully handled. The panel unanimously agreed that the works presented are remarkable for their originality and for how they extend the dynamic Western Desert style in new contemporary directions.