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KUTUNGKA NAPANANGKA – Solo Exhibition – Suzanne O’Connell Gallery

26 February – 28 March, 2009

Opening drinks and floor talk with the artist on Saturday 28 Feburary, 2pm

Papunya Tula Artists in association with Suzanne O’Connell Gallery proudly present a selection of recent works by Kutungka Napanangka.

This is her first solo exhibition since she began painting for Papunya Tula Artists in late 2005. Prior to this, Kutungka lived in Haasts Bluff and enjoyed a successful career painting with Ikuntji Artists.

With colours as bold as her strong iconographic designs, Kutungka maps out the stories that convey her vital connection to Pintupi culture and land. Her paintings relate to her mother Katjarra Nampitjinpa’s country of Yulkarpa, a claypan site west of Kintore, as well as to her own country of Tjintjintjin, not far from Yulkarpa.

Kutungka’s fluid style of interlocking dots creates a beguiling surface that speaks of her warm, generous spirit and sense of merriment. The lively interaction of the symbolic images in her paintings and the luminous glow they achieve produces a mesmerising effect of great energy and vitality

The elongated oval shapes in many of her works depict a group of ancestral women who travelled to Yulkarpa and are shown sitting together grinding a variety of seeds they have collected for making into damper. In other pieces, the ancestral travels to Tjintjintjin of an old woman also known by the name of Kuntungka Napanangka.

To view the exhibition online visit: www.suzanneoconnell.com