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DOREEN REID NAKAMARRA – 2008 Sydney Biennale

18 June – 7 September 2008

Papunya Tula Artists wishes to congratulate Doreen Reid Nakamarra on her inclusion in the 2008 Sydney Biennale Revolutions – Forms That Turn, curated by Carolyn Chrstov-Bakargiev.

At the opening of the Biennale, at Pier 2/3, Nakamarra listened proudly as New South Wales Governor Professor Maire Bashir spoke of Nakamarra’s early life and how, after being born ‘in the bush’ near the Warburton Ranges, she walked with her family in to Haast Bluff.

Nakamarra produced a mesmerising work commissioned especially for the Biennale. Depicting the undulating sandhills surrounding Marrapinti in Western Australia, her painting was unconventionally laid flat on a raised platform between the sound pieces of Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo and a sound installation by Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller. The painting instantly draws the public to the epicentre of the pier, forming a crucial part of the holistic experience of voluminous waves and movement, journeys and revolutions.

Doreen attended the Artists and Supporters Party at the newly opened Cockatoo Island, and was also invited to Admiralty House in Kirribilli, where she enjoyed a chat and a laugh with fellow Western Australian Governor-General Michael Jeffery.