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2018 will mark thirty years that Utopia Art Sydney has represented the Papunya Tula Artists and it’s fitting that we close 2017 with a signature exhibition of this great community organisation.

Over those years we have proudly staged some of the most important solo exhibitions of the leading artists of the community, presented their work in a contemporary context and placed them alongside their non Indigenous peers.

At the same time we have been committed to showing the breadth of talent that exists within the PTA community, and it has become a feature of our program that, at this time every year, we have staged exhibitions that look at the broader talent across the spectrum.

From 1988 to today we have witnessed enormous change in the perception of Indigenous art, the collection of Indigenous art and, more importantly, its place within the cultural landscape of the broader community.

In Community VIII we have over thirty artists participating, some for the very first time, some regulars and a few surprises but all great works saved specially for this exhibition. This exhibition characterises the great strength of the Papunya Tula Artists and the breadth of talent they support.

To this we add a new dimension, with a special focus on one of the leading identities of the movement.  NOW is a tribute to the legendary Pintupi artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. He is renowned for his bold colour and geometric form and has been a strong presence in the contemporay art scene for decades. Ronnie Tjampitjinpa is represented by over thirty recent works that capture the direct and powerful nature of his art.

This is an exhibition to be celebrated.

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