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Artist’s Hand: Collectors’ Eye The Angel Gift

Artist’s Hand: Collectors’ Eye The Angel Gift – NGV Australia, Level 3, 31 May 16 – Nov 16

Since 2002, David and Anita Angel have gifted to the NGV over 100 contemporary Indigenous works, which are displayed together for the first time in Artist’s Hand: Collectors’ Eye: The Angel Gift. The works by senior male and female artists from the Western Desert, the Kimberley and the Tiwi Islands, date from 1990 to now. This period has witnessed immense change in Indigenous art practice, notably the emergence of Indigenous women as artists of consequence and invention, as seen in work of Wakartu Cory Surprise, Jean Baptiste Apuatimi and Naata Nungurrayi. Also notable has been the forging of pared down forms of expression that has enabled Pintupi male artists, such as Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri and Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula to distil the specificity of place. The hand and vision of individual masters is a mark of this exhibition that attests to the power and spiritual aura of Indigenous art and affirms the importance of benefaction to the NGV Collection of Indigenous art.

Collecting and Gifting Art – Sat 4 Jun, 2pm

Benefaction is central to the creation of museum collections around the world and has been crucial in the development of the NGV Collection since 1861.

What inspires people to collect works of art and then gift them to a museum? Why is it important to support museums in this way and what is the significance of these gifts to public collections and the community?

Explore, in a conversation with David and Anita Angel, NGV Donors Michael Moon, Mark Young and Dr Margaret Bullen, academic Dr Christopher Marshall and NGV Curator, Judith Ryan.

Judith Ryan, Senior Curator, Indigenous Art
Collectors and NGV Donors
David and Anita Angel
Michael Moon
Mark Young
Dr Margaret Bullen
Dr Christopher Marshall, Senior Lecturer, Art History and Museum Studies, The University of Melbourne