• Nanyuma Napangati Solo Exhibition @ ReDot Gallery Singapore
  • Nanyuma Napangati Solo Exhibition @ ReDot Gallery Singapore
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Nanyuma Napangati Solo Exhibition @ ReDot Gallery Singapore

Nanyuma Napangati was born circa 1944 in the Jupiter Well area, west of Kiwirrkurra, WA. She is the sister of highly-respected artists Charlie Tjapangati and Bambatu Napangati. Their father had three wives and was the older brother of the well-known Papunya Tula artist, Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka. She is also closely related to the late Kanya Tjapangati,
who passed away in 2006, through the same father but different mothers. She is also mother in-law to
George Tjungurrayi.
She led a traditional lifestyle before she was taken into Papunya by one of the Jeremy Long’s Welfare branch patrols that were sent out from Darwin in the early 1960’s to round up the remaining nomadic Pintupi people. When Kintore was established in 1982, she chose to move back there to live with other Pintupi people living at Papunya.
Nanyuma began painting for Papunya Tula Artists in the early 1990s and was involved in the 1999 Kiwirrkurra women’s painting as part of the Western Desert Dialysis Appeal, a project which was auctioned to raise money for the Renal Unit at Kintore, an Aboriginal Community in the Western Desert. She was one of a dozen women from
Kiwirrkurra who travelled to Sydney in 2000 to dance at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
As a senior Pintupi law women, her paintings depict designs associated with women’s ceremonies at Marrapinti, a sacred rockhole site west of the Pollock Hills. Her work is characterised by a strong dynamism and rich linear design compositions created with heavy layers of acrylic paint…..

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